Post or share your Tweets or Instagram content using the campaign hashtag #whyichoose, or post directly on our Facebook page and tell us or show us why you choose to make safer choices about cigarette smoking.

Get Involved

Want to get involved with the Youth Solutions #whyichoose campaign? Here’s how you can do it:

Post your own content

You can post or share your Tweets, Instagram or Facebook content using the campaign hashtag #whyichoose and tell us or show us why you choose to make safer choices about cigarette smoking.

Once approved by the team, your content will then appear on the #whyichoose website feed. Then you can encourage your friends to do the same!

Support a friend of family member

You can also make a difference by starting the conversation with your family and friends about smoking and helping to support anyone you know who is thinking of quitting, cutting down or making safer choices when it comes to smoking.

Not sure where to start? Check out the #whyichoose “Get help and support” page for resources.


Want to be a campaign champion? Youth Solutions is always looking for volunteers to assist with the #whyichoose campaign and its other health promotion projects and community activities.

Contact us today by emailing info@youthsolutions.com.au or calling 02 4628 2319. To find out more, check out the Youth Solutions’ website – http://youthsolutions.com.au/get-involved/.

Sign up your school, SRC or leadership group

Want to sign up your school, SRC or leadership group to be a campaign champion? Youth Solutions can provide your young people with information and/or training to help them start discussions and facilitate activities with their peers.

For more information, contact Youth Solutions on 02 4628 2319 or email info@youthsolutions.com.au.

Learn more about the campaign

#whyichoose is a youth-led community health promotion campaign, developed by the Youth Solutions Youth Advisory Group members with the guidance of the Youth Solutions staff.

The campaign identifies tobacco smoking as an issue of concern for young people and aims to start a positive conversation about the benefits of not smoking or making safer decisions around smoking, such as cutting down or having a smoke-free home environment. The #whyichoose campaign aims to raise awareness about the health impacts of tobacco smoking and the benefits of tobacco cessation.

Through the #whyichoose campaign, people are encouraged to post and share social media content about the positive choices they make in relation to smoking. By using the hashtag #whyichoose the social media content of individuals then filters through to the main feed on the campaign website, contributing to the positive conversation.

Important Note: By uploading your content using the campaign hashtag, #whyichoose, you are compliant with the following:

  • You are aged 18 years or over, or
  • You are aged under 18 years and have sought the permission of your parent or carer, and
  • If others feature in your content, you have sought their permission to upload or post it

Youth Solutions cannot control the content uploaded with the #whyichoose hashtag on social media, however it does moderate the website whyichoose.com.au and approves all posts before they appear on this site. If you have any concerns about any of the content on whyichoose.com.au please email yag@youthsolutions.com.au.

Media partner

The #whyichoose campaign is proudly supporter by media partner South West Voice.

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